n a bizarre collision of opposite constellations, a 2013 tweet from Donald Trump and a recent decision from the National Labor Relations Board have stirred national media attention to how the home improvement chain Menards violates labor laws in its demands on workers.

The Trump tweet [12:58 PM – 28 May 2013, John Menard of Menards home improvement stores in Midwest treats employees horribly — should they form a union?] criticizing John Menard had been supplied the media by Seth Goldstein, the New York based business representative for OPEIU, who candidly told me he included the tweet along with the NLRB decision to emphasize how Trump’s opinions “blow with the wind” depending on what serves his own interests. The tweet came when Trump was not an announced candidate. “I thought the media would see how fickle his views are, especially when he was holding presidential rallies in Eau Claire,” where Menards is headquartered, Goldstein said.

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